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How To Buy the Perfect Sneakers as A Gift in Australia

How To Buy the Perfect Sneakers as A Gift in Australia

Sneakers are among the most popular gifts. But finding the perfect sneakers as a gift can be a super hard task, especially in a country as diverse as Australia. Whether you're eyeing the latest Air Jordans, the classic Dunks, or seeking something unique, Kicks Heaven AU is your ultimate guide to nailing the perfect sneaker gift. Here’s how to ensure your gift hits the mark every time.


Know Their Size

The first step to choosing the perfect sneaker gift is knowing the shoe size. A well-fitting sneaker not only looks good but feels comfortable too. A foolproof way to check is to try to find a pair of shoes that you know they wear regularly and check their size, or if you can't do that, ask someone close to them to do this for you. This way you can make sure you know what size they come in, but if you're not sure whether a different brand's size matches the size you've checked, a good way is to look at EU sizes. Using EU sizes will give you accurate actual measurements as Nike's size 9 may sometimes differ from adidas' size 9, but actual EU size lengths etc. will be consistent.


Understand Their Style

Asking yourself some questions about the style of the person you’re buying for is key. Do they wear lots of clear branding? Is their style more casual or formal? Do they wear Nike or Adidas more often?

Sneakers are both practical and stylish. Try to think back to a time when you saw them walking out of the house to meet friends or attend an event—this is usually when they are more likely to improve their dress sense and wear something they like. If you can, ask friends and family to describe their style and see if any consistent brands or aesthetics are mentioned. If you're still unsure, check to see if they have an online mood board, such as a public IG account, which will give you insight into what they're saving and get inspired by it.


Brand Preferences

Sneakers are a particular category of clothing in which people become very loyal to their brands. Some may swear by the comfort and style of Air Jordans, while others may prefer the skateboarding roots and cultural cache of Dunk SBs. Knowing whether the person you’re buying a gift for has particular preferences when it comes to not only their brand but also the silhouette’s they stick to is really key. And also knowing their brand preference can significantly narrow down your choices.


Standard or Limited Edition?

This is more of a choice for gift buyers - do you want to buy them something more common, classic and timeless, or something unique, harder to obtain and memorable?

Decide whether to buy the standard edition or the limited edition. The standard version is more accessible and generally appreciated by sneakerheads. However, if your goal is to truly surprise and delight, limited edition sneakers can be an unforgettable gift, offering exclusivity and uniqueness.


Read Reviews

It’s always a safe bet to go online and read some reviews about the style you’re considering buying for them before making a final decision. You'll get a good idea of the shoe's durability, fit, and overall quality from someone who's already worn it. If all else fails, in this case, reviews are your friend. In addition, Kicks Heaven AU offers customer reviews of our products so you can see how your pair of shoes were received.


Buying sneakers as a gift in Australia doesn’t have to be complicated. By understanding their size, style, brand preferences, and the appeal of limited editions, you can choose a gift that's both thoughtful and stylish. With Kicks Heaven AU, you can shop a variety of sneakers, from timeless Air Jordans to cult-favorite Dunks, all guaranteed to make the perfect gift. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, a holiday, or just to celebrate, follow these tips to find the ideal sneaker gift that's sure to impress.

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